Jessicka Havok: The Dirty Dirty Sheets Interview

Sing the Sorrow

Jessicka Havok is fast becoming one of the most talked about women in the independent scene. Whether she’s delivering profanity laden hate videos to opponents, dismantling entire factions of vets one by one, or just ferociously beating someone to a bloody pulp for her own amusement, Jessicka always manages to live up to her surname. That’s caught everyone’s attention. We present you with what we consider to be the most comprehensive interview to date with the easily enraged enigma. Photos 1, 3-6 courtesy Tiffany Kelly Photography, 2 courtesy AIW.

A lot people know about what you’ve done in the ring in the past year, but don’t know your history. Why did you decide to become a wrestler? How did you get into it?

I’ve watched WWE (when it was WWF) ever since I was about 9. Stone Cold Steve Austin and HHH caught my eye one night and I was sucked in immediately, and fell in love with it. When I was about 16, I decided I wanted to be a pro wrestler. I found a school in Massillon, Ohio called The Stomping Grounds where I started training at age 17.

And you’ve been wrestling for seven years now. What exactly is it about wrestling that makes it such a passion for you?

It’s a number of things really, everything from the athleticism to the story telling and entertaining aspect. I love being able to make the fans feel how I want them to feel. I love the booing! I love the cheering! Reaction is what you want, and as long as you’re getting some kind of reaction, you’re doing your job.

The reaction you often to get from fans is fear, though. You can come across as very angry, what about wrestling makes you so furious?

I am a very angry person in the ring. When I step in that ring I mean business. Some of these girls get in this business for one dumb reason or another. I am here because I strive to be the best. I can’t help it that when I step in the ring, something comes over me… and I’m out for blood.

Since you mentioned it, you recently defeated Angel Dust to become the AIW women’s champion. In that match you beat her down, busted her open, and played in her blood before finishing her off. Do you sometimes think you go too far?

Hahahahahaha! Absolutely NOT… well, maybe a little. But I don’t care, who will stop me? Certainly not Angel Dust or any other ‘competitor’ I step in the ring with. Angel Dust needed to realize that she deserves to hold no title, she isn’t even at my level. Am I so wrong because I wanted to prove it? And I DID prove it.

Well, you certainly can win matches without the dirty tactics, being you’re one of the most imposing figures in women’s wrestling today. How would you describe your wrestling style? Are there any wrestlers you study as inspiration?

My wrestling style? I guess the best way to describe what I do is an aggressive strong style. I would say that my inspirations would be Nikki Roxx, Beth Phoenix, Jazz, Luna and Ivory. I know that’s a random mix but they all offer a little something different that inspires/inspired me.

And you got to wrestle Ivory in a match very early in your career. You also wrestled Luna in what I’ve heard was a brutal hardcore match. What were those experiences like?

Well, I wrestled Luna in a hardcore match once in Cleveland for CAPW. Would I do it again? HELL NO! She beat me ass all over that pavilion. I was only 2 years or so in the business so I was new… worst ass beating of my life. I will do an “Uncensored Rules” match here and the for WSU, and I’ve actually been able to hold my own pretty well there. OF COURSE!

Wrestling Ivory was one of the most positive experiences of my career to date. She is very charismatic and talented. I was very nervous and scared to wrestler her being so new, I thought that she would take advantage of that. But she was wonderful and a fantastic opponent.

Do you create your own gear? It’s very memorable, especially the Umbrella and Death Core costumes. Tell us about why you chose those and what they say about Jessicka Havok.

I do make the majority of my gear. Umbrella gear symbolizes my love for the zombie/survival horror genre, and the fact that I am a huge video game geek (who can kick anyones ass who might have a problem with it!) And the Death Core gear is something I made out of a single T-shirt that belonged to my little brothers’ deathcore band Relinquish the Throne. Unfortunately they changed the name of their band since, but it is a badass way for me to help promote up and coming talent, as well as look like a “bad ass” in the ring.

Yes, you’re an expect at violence in the ring and on a Playstation. What are you favorite games? What are you playing now?

My favorite video game series are Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and Silent Hill. I also enjoy Tekken and Mortal Kombat. I am actually jumping between Resident Evil 5 and Mortal Kombat 9 on Ps3.

What sort of music are you into? Favorite bands?

I listen to a lot of different things.  Not a huge fan of rap. My favorite bands consist of A.F.I. , The Killers, The Cure, and Mary Magdalan. [Editor’s Note: Mary Magdalan does Jessicka’s entrance theme, Dirty Trash, found here.]

Back to wrestling. You’ve gotten much more known in the past year due to your streak of big wins in WSU. It all started when you chose to not only leave but dismantle a faction you were a member of, led by Rain, called ‘Rain’s Army.’ Why did you turn your back on them?

I used Rain to get to the top. Bottom line. She approached me and asked me if I would be interested in being her “enforcer’ in her army. I saw this as an opportunity to catch the attention of the company. I wanted them to see that I am a worthy competitor. It was a way to show case my talent and dominance. My first thought was not to break down the group, but as time went on I felt I was being held back and something needed to be done about it.

Since then you’ve beaten some of the top women in WSU, and wrestling in general, but you were the considered the underdog in each match by both the fans and commentators. How did you feel about that?

It made me feel angry at first, then I thought “You know what, let them think I am the underdog! Let them think I can’t beat these girls for one reason or another!” Because I knew in my heart I would win each match, no matter what it took. And I got the satisfaction out of seeing their jaws drop in SHOCK after each victory.

You took down Amy Lee, ODB, Nikki Roxx, then finally Rain. What have those matches meant to you. Which win was the most satisfying?

These matches meant the world to me because these victories were going to help me show the WORLD that I am the future of women’s wrestling. My most satisfying victory so far is a tie between Nikki and Rain. My win over Nikki because if you see the match, we tore into each other like wolves! We were back and forth and the match went on a while. When I finally got the pin, I felt that I accomplished something. Similar reasons for Rain, but one thing that satisfied me the most is about that one, I finally got to shut her up! And prove the fans wrong… AGAIN!

Next on your plate is Alica. It takes place on June 25th at the WSU Uncensored Rumble iPPV. The match is being billed as the “Most Violent Match in WSU History.” You have promised to “kill” her.  What should fans expect?

This is anticipated to be the most violent match in WSU history for a few reasons. Alicia, though she is the WSU icon, means nothing to me. She’s old news as far as I’m concerned. I’m not doubting she is a force to be reckoned with, but I’m not going to sit back and let her get title shot after title shot. I cost her her last shot when she cashed in her contract at the last WSU event. She and I have exchanged words on multiple occasions leading up to June 25th. And come June 25th, “The Best in the Midwest” is going to shut that east coast bitch up for good!

Mark my words, this match will be brutal.

If we drew out your recent stint in WSU it would look like the Arcade mode screen of Mortal Kombat, with you moving up a step with each win. At the top is Mercedes Martinez, the long reigning WSU champion. How do you feel about her as champ and why do you think you’re the woman who can finally beat her?

Best description I’ve ever heard. I have mixed emotions about the current reigning WSU champion. Everyone has Martinez on this throne. Everyone says she’s the best. Martinez has proved to the world over and over again that she is an amazing athlete, and her passion for this company shows. I want to be the one to beat her because I want to finally show her that she isn’t better than me! I want to show her and the world that I am the rightful champion of WSU. I want Mercedes to hold on to that title until its finally my turn. I want to be the one to take it.

Of course you might not get a chance to beat Mercedes, as she’ll be facing Brittney Savage for the WSU you title. You and Brit don’t seem to get along, what’s the deal?

Well, Brit Savage is just another ignorant East Coast bitch who needs put in her place. She and I tagged against Mercedes and Alicia a couple months ago. Her cockiness got the best of her and we lost. Regardless of the turn out, we laid both bitches out anyway, and when I turned my head she hit me with her finish. Like a coward. Since then she’s been gloating about it and talking about her match with M.M.

She is a cocky little girl who WILL be put in her place. The ONLY reason she hit me is because my head was turned. My bad. She wouldn’t stand a chance if she and I went one on one. I would rip that little girl to shreds. She’s a joke.

Speaking of Tag Teams you came into WSU initially as part of the team “Havok and Hatred” with Hailey Hatred. You even won the WSU tag titles. Why did you end up splitting? Was it amicable?

We split because of very personal reasons. She did some things that affected my personal life then moved to Mexico. Plus her choice to work for another company got in the way of her goals with me at WSU. I am doing much better without her. I’ve accomplished more without her.

And since you’ve found a new partner in Allysin Kay. You started as rivals, and now seem extremely close. Tell us about your relationship, what makes the team work?

Allysin Kay first came to my home promotion MCW. She and I feuded for 4-6 months before finally joining forces as Team Be Jealous. In our matches, I realized that she was a person who holds just as much talent as I do. We shared a lot of sweat, tears, and agony through our feud so I thought,’Why not be a team?’ She reminds me a lot of myself. Together we dominate any team who steps in the ring with us.

Besides capturing the WSU title, what are some goals you want to accomplish in wrestling? Who would you like to wrestle? What are some companies and countries you like to fight in?

Besides WSU gold, I would like to wrestle in th UK, Canada,  and maybe even  make it to the west coast of the United States at some point. I would like to wrestle Sara Del Rey, Madison Eagles, and Trish Stratus! My ultimate goal, whether it happens or not, is the WWE. The only turn off is the lack of time and respect they give the women’s division.

Interesting picks. Do you want to face Sara and Madison just to test your skills, or are you calling them out, as both claim to be the best wrestler on the planet?

Haha. I would like to wrestle each of them to test my skills. I believe I can have 5 star matches with each of them.  In my book, I’m the best. Ever.

Fair enough. You are very outspoken about your thoughts on wrestling in general. What are some of the main things you feel need to change in the industry as far as women’s wrestling goes?

I think that there are a lot of very talented girls on the indy scene who deserve a shot on tv, whether it be TNA or WWE. There have been far too many incidents where girls are hired because of what they’ll do, who they know, and what they look like. Not all women are big boobed, blonde BIMBO’s. And news flash assholes! Not every man is into Bimbo Barbie.

Recently, Amber O’Neal made a really great comment: “It doesn’t matter if you ever make it on TV every woman in wrestling is still somebody.” She said it while promoting ArenaChicks with you. Tell us about your experience with Amber’s company.

She is absolutely right. Amber O’Neal is a very positive person in the business. She has started her own company and a lot of great opportunities are rising for her. She has created another outlet for these girls trying to make a name for themselves in the business. All of the experiences I have had working with her have been great!

We’ve heard you started your own women’s wrestling company, tell us about that!

Yes, I have! It’s called DropKick Diva’s. We are about to do our first LIVE show! Its June 12th. DKD is going to be another way to promote women’s wrestling and show case what we do. We want to prove that we can be just as kickass in the ring as the men! We are starting locally and then we are going to take this shit on the road! I have a solid roster but I am always willing to add new faces.

Who are some of the wrestlers involved?

Myself of course, Allysin Kay, Sassy Stephanie, Amanda Ruffin, Drea, Heather Owens, Nevaeh, Angel Dust, and some others. A lot of local girls. As we travel we will book talent in the area. I think with time it could be huge.

Will you be nicer to Angel Dust?

Maybe. As long as she doesn’t get in my way!

This is possibly the most important question of the interview: What is your favorite zombie movie and what is your zombie survival plan?

Favorite zombie movie… hmmmm… that’s a tough one. I have a few. Probably Dawn of the Dead, the Resident Evil movies, of course. And then Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. Got to throw some comedy in there, plus there is just something about Jesse Eisenburg that turns me on! Oh and survival plan? I don’t need one! Just stand behind me and watch how the zombie killing is done!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans? Any other warnings you want to give to your enemies?

To my fans, thanks for your support!  I love you all. Annnnnd enemies, watch out bitches! The J Hav is declaring war on the world and I’m taking you out! One by one!

You can learn more about Jessicka Havok by following her on Twitter (@J_Hav) or  joining her Facebook Fan Page. Also her birthday is soon, so check out her Amazon Wishlist. Stay tuned to the following promotions for more Jessicka Havok:

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