Wrestlefest 2011: ArenaChicks Offer Match Report

22nijuni here with pictures and a match report from yesterday’s Big Time Wrestling Wrestlefest 2011:

Sara Del Rey returned home to the San Francisco Bay Area for Big Time Wrestling, in Newark , CA, as she teamed with BTW’s Davina Rose to take on the ArenaChicks duo of Amber O’Neal and Sassy Stephie. O’Neal and Stephie came out to Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again,” and were the villains in this match. The ‘Queen of Wrestling’ did her Royal Hand Wave as she entered. O’Neal and Stephie controlled most of the match double teaming Davina, but when Sara got in she cleaned house, and with all four women in the ring and Sara delivered the Royal Butterfly to O’Neal for the win.

Also, while 1-2-3 Kid may have gone away, X-Pac was in full force, teaming with Kevin Nash.

[nggallery id=36]

Haven’t seen Davina Rose before? Check out this match with her against one of Sara Del Rey’s least favorite people, Christina Von Eerie:



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