ACW: Nothing is as Real as a Dream “Wrestling Prom” Results and Gallery

Last night, Austin’s Anarchy Championship Wrestling put on a show that only it could: a prom themed wrestling event. Fans and wrestlers were encouraged to dress their bes, Prom King and Queen were voted on (with controversial results), there was spiked red punch and embroidered cake (that ended up all over the ring).  It was an unforgettable night, one that showed why ACW is such a special place for professional wrestling.


Anarchy Televised Pre Show Matches:

ACW Tag Team Championship – Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team (c) defeated Portia & Electro, Halloween Crew, and Cali Crush

Flippy Shit & Shawn Vexx defeated The Lost Boys & Khris Wolfe

Main Show:

The Legion of Shroom & Just Sexy defeated KASH, Breeze & Team S.E.X.

JT Lamotta (Jerk) defeated Lillie Mae

SLA Heavyweight Championship – Evan Gelistico (c) defeated Pierre Abernathy to retain

The Takeover defeated Bolt Brady, Cali Crush & Big Ricky

World Hardcore Championship – MASADA (c) defeated Darin Corbin (In a Dress)

Grudge Match – Darin Childs defeated Jeff Gant

U-30 Championship – Akira Tozawa defeated ACH (c), Arik Cannon, and Gary Jay to become new Champion

1st Ever Anarchist Evening Gown Match – Rachel Summerlyn defeated Portia Perez, Jessica James, Sara Del Rey, Athena, and ‘5 Star’ Amanda Fox

Anarchy Televised Championship – Scot Summers (c) defeated Shawn Vexx to retain

ACW Heavyweight Championship – Davey Vega defeated Matthew Palmer (c) to become new Champion

Some of our favorite moments from this great show included:

Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team retaining their Tag Team titles in a four-way match for a special pre-show match. It was a fun match where Jessica tried, and failed, to wrestle in her terrifically sparkly high heels, before going Kana style (barefoot) and taking on the robots and surfers and costume freaks single-handedly for a bit. Jessica, like many ACW wrestlers, has grown an incredible amount since we started following the company. She’s a very special talent who has proven multiple times she can match up with the best in the world…like Portia Perez who, in her deEvolution persona, has somehow become even more of a vicious jerk. We didn’t think that was possible. Post match Portia and Rachel tried to kill each other, again, which hinted towards how intense the much-talked about Evening Gown match would be.

That guy making out with his belt there? That’s Evan Gelistico. He’s one of our favorites in ACW and had a very good match with his BFF Pierre Abernathy for that St. Louis Anarchy title. It may sound like there are a lot of belts in ACW, but it’s nothing to worry about when they call mean something.

Take for example the U-30Young Guns title. In a great 4 way match Dragon Gate sensation Akira Tozawa finally bested his friend and tag partner The Human Video Game ACH, to win the title. It was great to see Tozawa, who has been straight wrecking fed after fed, finally get the big win in his adopted home (especially given their MOTYC-heavy history he and ACH share). We’ve talked previously about how talented ACH is and, as ACW superfan Bree said after the match, him losing the title only opens up opportunities for him to move onto bigger things. No one in wrestling in any company can do the things ACH does physically, and few can match his ability to connect with the crowd. Hell, he even treated the crowd to a bit of the Carlton early in the night.

And, of course, there was the Evening Gown match. Six of the best, serious women’s wrestlers in the world competed in a match usually thought of as just being for…not so serious women wrestlers. People doubted ACW when the match was announced. People are silly. It was a great wrestling match, with a bit of an odd stipulation. It was just as hard hitting as any other ACW American Joshi division match. One participant even let us know that she was a bit sore after not fully stretching before-hand, hoping it may be a light match. It didn’t work out that way.

Pre-Match ACH and Portia were crowned King and Queen of the Prom. We’ve already demanded a recount (Lady Poison = robbed). Sara Del Rey initially refused to wear a dress (telling the fans to “Suck it!”), so RAJETT teamed up to put one on her in the most brutal way possible. Rachel and Jessica made quite the effective team and it looked like they’d have to face off as the last two standing, before Lady Poison made an appearance and eliminated Jessica (has to be seen)! It finally came down to Portia and Rachel trying to kill each other again. Rachel won this round with a massive Gory Bomb into the prom cake! Nothing quite like seeing the ‘mean girl’ of ACW taken down a peg by Ms. Geniality. It was a feel good moment…until drunken misogynist jerk, JT Lamotta, came out and attacked Rachel, ruined her gorgeous dress, and poured the blood red prom punch on her. You should definitely be thinking ‘Carrie‘ now, as Rachel was angrier than we’ve ever seen her and promised to end JT’s war on the Joshi at the next show, personally.

The main event between defending ACW Champion Matthew Palmer and Davey Vega was unbelievable. Great from beginning to the never-before-seen in wrestling end. Palmer, feeling the stupid ring was just too soft to put Vega away, revealed the real Gospel of the Boards and exposed the bare wood surface. It backfired as Vega delivered an Air Raid Crash Ultimate with a climatic thud to capture the ACW gold. Vega is someone who is really, truly passionate about what he does as a wrestler and you could tell what an emotional moment it was for him, his peers, and the fans.

Instead of dejection, the former champ simply left us with these haunting words, “I’m going after MASADA.” MASADA has held the ACW Hardcore Championship for nearly two years and earlier that night beat Darin Corbin (who was wearing a lovely evening gown of his own).

As always, everyone in ACW did their best and put on another great show and another great night for professional wrestling. Thanks to all involved and we can’t wait until next time!

“There’s a prom, if you’d like to go. You could meet someone who really entertains you. So you go, and you stand with your bros. And you leave with your bros. And you go home, and you make plans for the next show.”

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