ACW: A Psychotic Break Gallery

With excitement building towards this Sunday’s Prom Themed ACW show let’s take a look at some never before seen pictures from ACW’s February production, A Psychotic Break (DVD available here).

ACW  February 20, 2011 “A Psychotic Break” – Austin, TX
1. Just Willie vs, Berry Breeze vs. Big Ricky vs. Khris Wolfe
2. Athena vs. Jen Alise
3. The Takeover vs. Bolt Brady & Cali Crush
4. ACW Tag Team Championship: Rajett vs. The Lost Boys vs. Flippy Shit vs. The Smurf Nation (c)
5. Skylar Skelly vs. JT Lamotta
6. German Blood Match: Highroller Hayze vs. Slim Sexy
7. ACW World Championship: Darin Childs vs. Shawn Vexx vs. Matthew Palmer (c)
8. ACH & Akira Tozawa vs. Gary Jay & Davey Vega
9. ACW American Joshi Championship: Amanda Fox vs. Lady Poison (c)
10. The Submission Squad vs. Scot Summers & Masada

The show was also notable for being one of the first ACW shows in a while with neither Robert Evans nor Portia Perez, two previously dominant champions and top stars. Like any other great wrestling company, ACW took this challenge head on and the results were fantastic.  ACW Champion Matthew Palmer had the greatest, most shocking entrance to a wrestling match we’d ever seen. Also, our faves Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team made history by taking the Tag Team Titles. The Submission Squad put on two incredible tag matches against ACH & Tozawa and Childs and Masada. We’ve raved about ACH and Tozawa plenty, but Davey Vega and Gary Jay more than held their own against two of the top rising stars in all of wrestling.

Lady Poison continued her reign of zombie madness against a very game “Five Star” Amanda Fox while Athena took down a great looking Jen Alise. JT Lamotta began his Epic War on the Joshi division. Slim Sexy bled big time (to the delight of the vampiric Lost Boys), and a whole bunch of other cool stuff happened.

Enjoy the pictures of the historic night and see you Sunday. Dress your flyest!

[nggallery id=33]


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