CHIKARA: King of Trios 2011 Night Three

CHIKARA King of Trios is done. You can read the full play-by-play of Night Three here. You can even buy the shows sometime later today at You should probably do that, because you won’t easily find a better event in pro wrestling.

The Colony are your KOT 2010 Champions. Green Ant managed to secure the win over FIST with just one arm and one antenna. Despite being classless, cheating scumbags, I found myself strongly pulling for FIST. With the continued disintegration of BDK, CHIKARA’s heroes need new villains and FIST are the most dangerous group in the company; at least since they sent the chair using, Bon Jovi singing Great Sasuke of Team Michinoku Pro packing with a powder attack at the end of another amazing trios match.

Speaking of BDK, the only bit of disappointment this weekend was that Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze had to spend their time bashing on clowns who weren’t remotely in their league. Nothing was more absurd than seeing the diminutive Brodie Lee puffing up his chest across from the beast that is “Killah” Daizee Haze; she tossed him around with ease. This is on top of the absurdity of them not being put on Team BDK. Hopefully they get out from under the mismanagement of Claudio (and the absenteeism of Ares) and start winning some gold on their own.

It was nice to see Team Osaka Pro secure three points in the tag team gauntlet. They, Dragon Gate, and all the Japanese talent really made these shows special. Nothing illustrated that more than seeing SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles take on the legendary Manami Toyota for the first time. Seeing the Greatest of All Time against, perhaps, the best currently was a rare treat. Also of note was Akira Tozawa representing Japan, and Anarchy, well in a high-speed, hard-hitting match against Eddie Kingston. On most any other show this would have been the show stealing match of the night.

Match of the Night/Weekend/Year possibly was the The 1-2-3 Kid vs El Generico. Yes, really. It was a match that brought the exhausted crowd to their feet. It wasn’t because of Waltman being a ‘name,’ nor was he graded on the curve of nostalgia. He and Generico simply put on an overwhelming performance that stands up to any match you’ll see anywhere in any company. If this turns out to be Waltman’s last match, as he hinted in an emotional speech, I really can’t imagine a better way to go out as it may have been the best match either has put on. Props to CHIKARA, Generico, and The Kid for delivering much more than anyone expected.

Great show. Great shows. If you are interested in them, buy them today. You will be astonished. Thanks to all the new viewers of the site for checking us out, and the DVDVR boards for the linkage and love. Enjoy the photos, see you at the next show!

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  1. Great pics – wish I could’ve been there!

    Also, I just wanted to point out a tiny mistake in the first line:
    “The Colony are your KOT 2001 Champions.”


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