Site Announcements: April 2011

Hello all!

We just wanted to take a moment to let you know about some new things going on with the site.

First, we’ve finally added an About page. This will answer all your questions about our goals, purpose, and what in the world ‘Dirty Dirty Sheets’ means.

We’d also like you to know that we are indeed open for submissions from photographers, writers, and anyone who can contribute something great about great wrestling. If you are one of those people just visit our Contact page and shoot us a message.

By the way, have you followed us out on Twitter and Tumblr yet? We guarantee a daily dose of fantastic wrestling, or your money back.

Speaking of Tumblr we cannot recommend enough that you keep up with our friend Hanan’s Let Me Puroresu blog. She’s a puroresu watching machine that has an amazing passion and love for the sport. She’s already done a marathon viewing of 15 of Shibata’s best matches and her next project, which will be cross posted on DDS, is to tackle the unfathomable career of the Greatest of All Time, Manami Toyota.

The DDS DVD collection ‘unwatched’ pile is getting a bit high, so it’s to do some more reviews. Look for ACW, Beyond Wrestling and a few surprises in the coming weeks.

You’ve seen photos, you’ve read the reports, you’ve seen Joshi pro wrestlers tweet about it and now you can own one for yourself. Yes, the classic ‘Mio& Io& Kana.’ T-Shirt is available in our new shop for purchase. As sexy as they are on their own, what makes them look even better is that a portion of the proceeds will go to the Fight for Japan drive.

The drive has done amazingly well so far thanks to your support. What you’ve donated has already begun being used by Mercy Corps to help Japanese families in the areas hit hardest by the earthquakes and tsunami. Be sure to check out their page for updates on what you’ve help accomplish.

That’s all for now. See you at King of Trios!

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