Saturday Morning Wrestling III

Some of my earliest memories of wrestling involved anxiously waiting for Jem to go off so that I could kick my sister out of the living room and watch Bret Hart or Sting save the day. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can not just relive those moments, but do so with different, new wrestling from all over the world. Here’s another installment of Dirty Dirty Sheets’ Saturday Morning Wrestling.

NOAH – KENTA (c) vs Eddie Edwards – GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title

Lots of big business has gone down since the last SMW, but the biggest may have been Eddie Edwards defeating Roderick Strong for the Ring of Honor World title. Here’s a previous attempt by Eddie to take big time singles gold, versus NOAH Jr. Heavy monster, KENTA.



Passion Red – Kana vs Ayumi Kurihara

And Speaking of Ring of Honor, they put on two fantastic iPPVs that featured something ROH has needed for a while: Joshi Puroresu! Here’s one of the stars of the weekend, Ayumi Kurihara, taking on our girl Kana in a sick match. They used to be tag partners. Good friends, bitter enemies.


ACW – RaJett vs Children of Pain (with special Portia Perez and Serena Deeb appearance)

You know where else Ayumi was? SHIMMER: Women Athletes. They put on an amazing set of four DVD taping. However, Rachel Summerlyn and Jessica James spent the weekend blowing fans away in singles matches and didn’t have a chance to team up. Not to fear, as ACW has given us a fun match where RaJett took on the Children of Pain’s Darin Childs and Skylar Skelly. Also look for an appearance by the dastardly Portia Perez and the debuting Serena Deeb. I was there live and yes, it was colder than Canada. The main event of this show featured an amazing Six Woman tag match, which you can pick up here.


NJPW – Katsuyori Shibata vs Genichiro Tenryu

I just need to throw this out there: Katsuyori Shibata was the best thing to ever happen to pro wrestling, and it’s such a shame he was lost to MMA. There’s nothing like the combinations of his all out kenka (brawling) style and don’t give a shit demeanor, especially in the refined world of Puroresu. When you’re done with this check the great Let Me Puroresu You blog today, as my friend Hanan will be posting lots more Shibata matches along with her incisive commentary.


Beyond Wrestling – Corvis Fear vs Dan Barry

Beyond Wrestling is a promotion with a purpose that differs from any other. The shows has no fans, just wrestlers who wrestle how they want for as long as they want. They’ve started putting their stuff up on GoFightLive and have a new iPPV this weekend. This match is a preview of it. Check it out!


IWL – Sara Del Rey Promo

SHIMMER also saw the debuting Christina von Eerie take Sara Del Rey down a peg, much to the delight of (most) all the fans. Here’s the sort of jerkery that makes Sara one of the most respected, but least liked people in wrestling as she cuts a promo for a match against Annie Social.


Sendai Girls – Meiko Satomura vs Aja Kong

For some reason a lot of people were talking about what their favorite match of all time was. Whenever people ask me, I have to say it’s not a match but the ongoing series between Meiko Satomura and Aja Kong. Here’s the latest installment. Prepare to be amazed!


NEO – Manami Toyota vs Tsukasa Fujimoto

In just one week CHIKARA will be putting on its huge King of Trios show featuring none other than the Greatest of All Time, Manami Toyota. If you’ve been following the Tumblr, you know we already have our T-Shirts ready. Here Manami takes on ICE Ribbon ace, Tsukasa Fujimoto. I’d expect Tsukka to be part of the recently announced Pro Wrestling Eve vs Ice Ribbon shows. She’s outstanding.


WAR – Genichiro Tenryu vs Shinya Hashimoto

A classic between the late, great Shinya Hashimoto and the previously mentioned Tenryu.


CHIKARA – King of Trios Promo

Here’s a great promo for KOT featuring our favorite person in all the BDK, Jakob Hammermeier. #TeamJakob


And that’s all for today folks. Until next time, peace!

ROH's Mia Yim throws up the deuces.

Oh, just one more video.

Killah Kelly Kyle challenges Tursas

This one is just for fun. Our boy Killah Kelly Kyle, GIMICK$! Hype Man extraordinaire, gets ready to take the aforementioned Tursas Body Slam Challenge. Also, congrats to GIMICK$! tees on their two-year anniversary. Check out their $10 shirt sale here.



Check out these sites for more info on the wrestlers and promotions discussed:

Ring of Honor:


New Japan:

SHIMMER Women Athletes:


Be sure to comment and let me know what you thought of the matches, and what sort of wrestling you want to see.

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