Serena Deeb Returns To Japan

Photos Courtesy @luke_the_3

We here at DDS love Serena Deeb (who had stellar performances at this past SHIMMER Tapings). We love SMASH. We love Triple Tails. We love Syuri. We love Makoto! And all of them are going to be coming together in a month in Japan!

On April 30th at IMP it will be Serena, Syuri, and Makoto taking on Triple Tails: Kana, Mio Shirai, and Io Shirai. This will be Serena’s second trip to Japan, after she had successful bouts against both of her partners. Serena promised to teach Syuri and Makoto what the “Diva Style” was all about but here’s hoping they also learned what the SHIMMER style was, as they’ll need to channel their inner Woman Athletes to survive.

Triple Tails is in a continuing feud with SMASH head Tajiri, and has committed acts of “random terror” against his golden boy Kodoma and his pet project Makoto. They jumped both and choked them unconscious with a rope post-match, then threatened to castrate Tajiri (if his balls weren’t too small to find). They also called SMASH out for being “American wanna be trash” and complained about Serena and other foreigners getting booked instead of Tails. It should also be noted that Kana spent much of last year in a nasty feud with Syuri. They seemed to have patched things up somewhat, even teaming together at one point but even then Kana treated Syuri like she was a weakling. So, yeah, this should be good.

On May 1st in Nagoya Serena will be having a one-on-one rematch with Syuri. Syuri is SMASH’s completely loveable Joshi Ace  and she will look to to prove herself after losing to Serena on her last trip (which you can see here).

On May 3rd comes the big one: Serena vs Kana in a singles match at Korakuen Hall. Last year both took huge steps towards proving they are some of the very best wrestlers in the world. Serena’s worked for seemingly every promotion worth an acronym (including Ring of Honor, WSU and ACW). Kana has gotten bored with kicking the crap out of every Joshi and expanding to putting more and more men in their place. I’m very happy this match is taking place in such a venue, and it’s especially great knowing how passionate Serena has been about her dream of wrestling in Japan. Although DDS is the original #TeamKana, we’ve come down with a bad case Deeber Fever and will be supporting the Deebious one in this encounter.

What a feeling! Watch Serena’s previous matches for SMASH below as well as a taste of the Kana vs Syuri feud.

Serena vs Makoto (including Triple Tails Terrorist attack)


Kana vs Syuri



SMASH English Site Card:

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