CHIKARA – Creatures from the Tor Swamp – 2011-03-12

The DDS staff is still recovering from this past, epic, weekend of wrestling, poutine, Dashboard Confessional acoustic sets, werewolf attacks, Jumping Bomb No Sells, border guard harassment, and dinner with former Ironman Heavymetalweight Champions, so the detailed write up will have to wait.

I will say that the CHIKARA show was quite good. Toshie Uematsu vs Del Rey was terrific and the US fans seemed to appreciate Toshie as much as she appreciated them. The Claudio vs Kingston singles battle really did live up to the hype, although the post-match beatdown was quite disturbing and maybe a bit too dark for electro-color world of CHIKARA (even complete jerks like Del Rey and Sanchez thought Claudio went too far). The fantastic Ants vs Quacksaw tag title match has me very excited for King of Trios in hopes the matchup happens with Manami Toyota added in.

[nggallery id=19]


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