Your Computer Needs Manami Toyota:

I hate taking pictures at shows. This may sound odd given the hundreds of photos I’ve posted, but did you probably noticed most are from the Japanese shows I’ve attended. You see, if you go to a show in Japan about 98% of the crowd will have super high grade DSLR cameras and nearly constantly snap shots with them. However, this usually only results in about eight 400 pixel photos from the event making it online. If I don’t take photos, I won’t have any as all the rest are hoarded for Inoki knows what purpose.

Fortunately my wonderful friend Nami, the biggest Manami Toyota fan in the world, has done me the favor of sending me some shots from her personal stash. These five super high quality pics include the Queen of Queens herself, heely heel Tomoka Nakagawa, and a bit of Aja f’n Kong. You may take the original sized, huge, pictures or the convenient, stylish, sexy Dirty Dirty Sheets wallpapers. Don’t you want to see Manami Toyota every time you turn on your screen? Of course you do, enjoy!

Right Click, Save Target As: Wallpapers

Right Click, Save Target As: Full Size (HUGE)

Reminder: two of these women will be in the States in the next few weeks as Manami returns to CHIKARA in Philly 4/15-4/17 and Nakagawa to SHIMMER in Chicago 3/25-3/27. Thankfully, I won’t have to take pictures then.

Preview images:

[nggallery id=17]



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  1. I have watched pro wrestling off and on for decades and there is something about Toyota (of course the talent, expertise and toughness is a level others only hope to ascend to) but I find her unbelievably sexy…whoever is the man in her life…..I HATE HIM! LOL, she would be great to be married to.


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