Dream Match: Kana vs Sara Del Rey

Dirty Dirty Sheets’ personal theory on 2012 is that the ancient Mayan sorcerers foresaw the destruction a match between Kana and Sara Del Rey would bring to the planet and/or universe. Del Rey is one of America’s foremost experts in violence. Whether in ROH, SHIMMER, JAPW, ACW, or NCW Femmes Fatales, Death Rey has crushed the competition with ease. Kana’s controversial moves outside the ring have made her as despised by her detractors as she is loved by her fans. However not even her haters, “anchi/アンチ” as she refers to them, can dismiss her top tier in ring ability as displayed in places like SMASH, Wave, and her own KANA Pro.
Both are two of the most talented and sought after wrestlers in the world and fans on both side of the Pacific have been buzzing about a potential confrontation between the two. It’s a match that can/should/must happen. Here are few reasons why:

Best. Dream. Match. Ever.



The above bouts give you a small taste of the intense ‘Strike, Submission, Suplex’ style that Kana and Death Rey use to victimize their opponents. It’s rare that either sees a woman across the ring that can match them headkick for headkick, armbar for armbar, and German for German; that’s probably why they both brag so much. However, I don’t think either would underestimate the other’s skill, and their abilities mirror one another in undeniable ways. Despite their similarities Kana, one of the fastest Joshi, would have the advantage at speed and high flying maneuvers. Sara, one of the most powerful American female wrestlers, would have a distinct size, strength and reach advantage. This is the formula for a gritty, hard fought contest and would demonstrate what makes Kana and Del Rey two of the best. When the match happens people will be talking about it not in words, but stars and acronyms (****1/2, OMG, MOTYC, etc.).

Good Friends, Better Enemies

Kana and Sara in less "dangerous" times via http://www.SaraDelRey.com

Little known piece of wrestling history: Kana and Del Rey used to be roommates during Sara’s tour with the A-to-Z promotion in Japan. However, DDS’s research has not discovered any instance of them actually squaring off in the ring. That’s just as well, since both were still evolving into the unstoppable forces that we currently know and fear. Since then, Kana has discovered a love of MMA and shootstyle pro wres and Sara has dropped any notion of being an “American Angel.” They’ve both stopped smiling at anything other than the sound of their kickpads going off.

Manifesto Destiny


As seen in the above video Death Rey is very outspoken about what she feels women’s wrestling should be, and the beatings will continue until her morale improves. Likewise Kana infamously published a “Joshi Manifesto” in Puroresu Weekly, listing her grievances with the current Joshi scene and her one woman plan to save it. Whether it’s Sara’s grueling workout and training schedule or Kana juggling day jobs, side projects, and running a one woman Joshi office, each works incredibly hard at their craft. Both women take what they do very seriously and demand all their peers do the same, or else.

“I am a Queen. I’m [the] only Queen.” –  Kana

As anyone who has followed ROH recently knows, Sara has taken on the moniker of “The Queen of Wrestling.” Sara has faced down Amazing Kong, Daizee Haze, and several other Women of Honor to prove herself worthy of the title. The always provocative Kana high kicked the proverbial hornet’s nest when she declared via Twitter than she was the one and only. Needless to say, Sara was not at all pleased when her former friend’s declaration reached her. She responded: “Clearly she is misinformed and now in a dangerous situation,” and added that only she and her courtiers Claudio Castognoli and Chris Hero are real wrestling royalty.

It’s rare to get this sort of smack talk when two wrestlers aren’t even working on the same continent, but then, these are rare athletes. Both work incredibly hard to improve themselves and their industry as a whole; you cannot blame either for feeling that they deserve the throne, or being offended when others claim it. Fortunately for wrestling fans, Sara and Kana seem to solve most of their problems through violence. Let’s hope this is no different.

Everyone Wants It

Fan made Dream Match hype poster. via @rollingelbow

American fans love Kana’s unrelenting aggression and avant-garde fashion sense. Japanese fans love Sara’s power and dominating persona. Kana is one Joshi that has specifically expressed her desire to wrestle in the US. Besides having been to Japan multiple times, Sara’s matches vs Manami Toyota, Ayumi Kurihara, and Ayako Hamada, have made her the de facto Vice-Ambassador of Powerbombs and Piledrivers for visiting Joshi. With these factors it should only be a matter of when, not if, a company decides to put these two against each other.

The most likely candidates for the encounter are probably would be SHIMMER: Women Athletes in the US and SMASH in Japan. SHIMMER has made habit of bringing in the best women from across the world, including a number of Japanese wrestlers. Kana’s at the same level as the previous Joshi they’ve brought in, but offers such a different style, in and out of the ring, that it would come across as very fresh to the fans in the Berwyn Eagles Club. SMASH is one of the companies in Japan that’s still taking in Gaijin regularly, and just recently brought Sara’s former enemy, now tag partner, Serena Deeb. Besides, Tajiri needs all the help he can get as Kana and the Shirai Sisters are waging a war against him and his company. Sara may be the only person in the world who could stop Triple Tails from ending Tajiri and taking over SMASH.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if ACW’s American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament committee chose Kana as it’s first ever Joshi Joshi participant (Sara’s competed in both of the previous, excellent, tourneys). The entire Triple Tails crew being invited to the trio-loving CHIKARA, where Sara is a part of the BDK faction, doesn’t seem out of the question either. Kana’s own KANA Pro may take a stab at bringing Sara as she chose the equally outstanding Meiko Satomura as her main event opponent for the first show.

I hope everyone who reads this becomes as excited about the potential for this match as we are. Wrestling fans have been quite lucky in recent years to see a lot of American vs Japanese dream matches take place, and Kana vs Death Rey would certainly live up to that tradition. Here’s hoping we soon find out who the real Queen of Wrestling is, and that the planet/universe survives the battle.

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Photos courtesy: Sara Del Rey, Gilda Pasquil, SMASH, Wally

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What do you think of this dream match? Got any others you’d like to see? Leave a comment. Also, put this on your Tweebooks and Faceters.


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