ACW: Guilty By Association V


Sunday at the historic Mohawk in Austin, TX. Anarchy Championship Wrestling had it’s annual mega Dreamslam level event, Guilty By Association. Six straight hours of the best wrestling to be found anywhere in the world (believe me, I’ve looked).

Anarchy Championship Wrestling: Guilty by Association V (Results hat tip to via SA Indy Scene)

Sunday, January 16th, 2010 – The Mohawk, Austin, TX

0. The Submission Squad came out to talk about their dominance  and brutally insult audience members (who were asking for it). Early Match of the Year candidate.

1. No Ropes Barbed Wire Match for ACW Anarchy Televised Title: “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers defeated  J.T. LaMotta (c) via Suplex onto cinder blocks.

2. Tai-Pei Death Match: Shawn Vexx vs. Darin Childs went to a no contest after a Double KO – Vexx attacked Darin after the match was called.

3. Faction Warfare Challenge: The Takeover: Jaykus Plisken, Franco D’Angelo & Cowboy James Claxton with Miss Maulie defeated The Smurf Nation: J.C. Bravo, Chingo Smurf & Berry Breeze, The Submission Squad: Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelistico & Gary Jay, The Children of Pain: Khris Wolfe, Jason Silver & Sky de Lacrimosa – Berry Breeze was pinned and thus, via rules of the match, had to leave The Smurf Nation.

4. 10,000 Thumbtacks Match: Athena defeated. Rachel Summerlyn after a body splash from the stage ontop of a barbed wire board that was also covered in thumbtacks. Wow. Wow. Wow.

5. Last Man Standing Match for Young Guns U-30 Title – ACH (c) defeated “Solid Gold” Gregory Symonds – This was also Symonds retirement match. He cut excellent, emotional promos before and after. Great match and moment.

6. International Challenge: Akira Tozowa defeated Dingo via some crazy double armbar submission.

7. ACW World Hardcore Title Match – Masada (c) defeated Jimmy Jacobs – This is how you have a “chairs” match.

8. Four-Way Dance – Elimination Match – Davey Vega defeated Skyler Skelly, Mat Fitchett, and Paul London

9.  Dog Collar Match for American Joshi Title: Lady Poison defeated Portia Perez (c) via Poison Kiss

10. Six Man Tag Elimination Match: Slim Sexy, KASH & Brent Masters defeated High Roller Hayze, Bobby Lambert & Johnny Axxle

11.  “I Quit” Match for Heavyweight Title: “The Son of Anarchy” Matthew Palmer defeated “The Essence of Excellence” Robert Evans (c) after soaking him in gasoline and threatening to light him on fire. Amazing match with a one of the most incredible finishes I’ve ever seen.


Too much amazing stuff happened for me to go into a lot of detail, but overall everyone involved in this show should be immensely proud. Any promotion in the world will have to bring out their best in order to top it. I’ll just list a few of my favorite matches, but you’ll have to get the DVD from for the full story.

  • Rachel Summerlyn vs Athena – The last set of SHIMMER tapings saw Rachel have two of the best matches of her career, and some of the best on the show, versus Sara Del Rey and in an ‘I Quit’ match vs Daffney. This match beat both of them. Whether they were using the thumbtacks, or the barbwire board, or diving, or just plain wrestling everything  was jaw-droppingly intense. You could feel the bad blood that’s been brewing between the two, then see it as it spilled out of their wounds. This was the perfect feud elevating hardcore match. Even the little details like Rachel going back to her old school gear and Athena arrogantly wearing brand new stuff, as if she wasn’t going to ever touch a thumbtack, were great. Each went into the tacks, full on, multiple times, dived at each other to the floor and…just get the DVD. This match alone is worth it.
  • ACH is the best athlete in wrestling – And I’m not just saying that because he’s black. Every time I see him he’s doing something I’ve either never seen before, or never seen done as well. He’s a live action video game and if he isn’t all over every PWGHIKAROH show this year, their fans should sue. Saying he’s the next Sydal/London/Styles doesn’t do him justice, because he’s ahead of the curve at turning his athleticism into believable matches and bringing the crowd along with his charisma as well as his flying.
  • Lady Poison is a Monster – Lady Poison finally recaptured the ACW American Joshi title from Portia Perez after it was stolen from her at Queen of Queens all the way back in June of 2010. She finally got her revenge, but only after P2 showed she was not afraid of the zombie. The match was terrific, but I don’t think we’ve quite seen the last bit of violence between these two.
  • Robert Evans vs Matt Palmer – I’ve never seen a match like this. I’ve never seen a finish like this. I want to describe it in detail, but I feel like I’d be spoiling a great comic or an episode of Dexter. The sidekick surpassing the Superhero story here was pitch-perfect, from Evans’ early bravado (‘I am Batman, and you are Robin’), to him later begging for mercy, to Palmer taping Robert’s mouth shut so that he couldn’t give up if he wanted to. On a show with some fairly extreme matches, it was the mere threat of violence here that was the most shocking. This match should get 5-stars in Wizard.


It’s hard to put in the words the ACW experience, and it proved difficult to put into pictures as my camera died immediately after Portia vs Poison (Poison looked directly at me, it may have been a curse). However, you’ll see complete sets of amazing pictures at soon enough.  I may add more words later, and some pics from friends. Until then:

[nggallery id=13]

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  1. Boobarella_36DDD January 18, 2011 — 3:36 am

    It was truly a great night for ACW!!!! I am in complete awe of the torture that these atheletes put themselves thru to entertain us. Rachel v Athena was the match of the night for me as well, at one point they both had at least 30 tack in their backsides and another they came into the chairs from the ring and someone had left a bottle on the ground which they landed on and broke, neither of them even gave it a thought and kept their crazy intense match going. ACH v Symonds was another one that was amazing, our friend John Hyperion had his jaw on the ground for part of it and was jumping up and down for the rest, I've seen him enjoy a show and matches but never seen him get this excited about any of them the way he did this one, but it was definitely worthy of such enjoyment. I am getting my photos to John so he can add them to the bunch.


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