NEO: Tamura’s Homecoming


NEO’s 2nd to last show was held in Tamura’s home town of Edogawa. The venue was built more for Kabuki than brawling, with two small sections on either side of the stage, then a massive auditorium on the south Side. Interesting setting for what turned out to be some fairly interesting wrestling.

NEO 2010/12/27 – Edogawa East Friend Hall (Results via Representin’ Puroresu)

214 paid.

1. Sucking Blood Marine Witch Chibi Rats: Kaori Yoneyama beat Sucking Blood Marine Witch Chibi Rats in 7:12.

2. Policewoman Retirement Match: Sakura Hirota beat Policewoman in 14:03.

3. Misaki Ohata, Hiroyo Matsumoto & Kagetu beat Mima Shimoda, Cherry & Mika Iida in 17:03. Ohata pinned Iida after a diving body press.

4. Tanny Mouse & Yuki Miyazaki beat Kyoko Kimura & Tomoka Nakagawa in 16:20. Tanny pinned Nakagawa after Mission Possible.

5. Yoshiko Tamura & Aya Yuki beat Aja Kong & Ayako Sato in 13:07. Tamura pinned Sato after Mount Cook.

sam_6163 sam_6198 sam_6247

The first match wasn’t exactly memorable, but in the 2nd Sakura Hirota proved herself again a comic genius. At one point she pulled out a blue sheet, nearly the same color as the mat, and ‘hid’ from her opponent by laying under it, then went for the blue turnbuckle pad. The 3rd match got strangely more serious when Matsumoto, Hiroyo and Sendai Girl’s Kagetu faced Shimoda, Cherry (the hardest working woman in Joshi), and NEO rookie Mika Iida. Though in phenomenal shape, Iida only started wrestling as NEO was winding down is operation. She got a quick lesson in the Joshi hierarchy from, of all people, Misaki Ohata who really went at her before, during, and after the finish.

Next up were the NEO Machine Guns and Revolution Amandola in a wild brawl. The teams took full advantage of the arena, fighting well into the stands and in the lobby. Chains, tables, and chairs all saw use. It was a great match that elevated the show; not an uncommon occurrence whenever Kimura or Nakagawa are in the ring. This was the sort of match I wish Tanny and Yuki had on the final NEO show. Alas.

sam_6259 sam_6273

The main event was the first, and last, time I’d get to see Tamura and Kong together. Tamura can be a bit of a bully at times, but Kong hasn’t had anyone push her around since Reagan was in office. It made for a few heated exchanges until Kong sent in Ayako Sato, a substitute for the then injured Ayumi Kurihara, to get elbowed and and head dropped for the loss.

Tamura got a little teary-eyed after the match, Kong jokingly told her to stiffen up. Ayumi was then called to the ring. Tamura said that Ayumi had her “spirit” and chose grant her wish for a match for the NEO Double Titles at the final show.

sam_6309 sam_6316

The NMG/RA tag alone made this a card I was glad to attend in person. Plus, the Annual Joshi gaijin contingent grew as Z1 Matt made it in after spending X-Mas in transit. That’s dedication and work ethic, lads.


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