Tomboys vs Old Men

Mio gives TAJIRI a taste via @luke_the_3


The one woman shootstyle wrestling machine known as Kana Office put on it’s second show yesterday to a sell out crowd. Results are as follows, see great photos here:

Kana Pro 2 – 2011/01/10 – Shinjuku Face (Results via Puroresu Representin’)
423 paid (sellout)

1. Meiko Satomura beat Sawako Shimotsuke – 8:07.

2. Hikaru Sato beat GAMI – 11:22.

3. TAJIRI & Mio Shirai beat Mineo Fujita & Io Shirai – 14:08. Mio pinned Io with help from TAJIRI.

4 .Hardcore Match: Isami Kodaka vs. Katsuyoshi Usuda – 15 minute time limit draw.

5. Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Kengo Mashimo & Shigehiro Irie beat Big Murakami, Kota ibushi & Keita Yano – 14:31. Takaiwa pinned Yano after Death Valley Bomb.

6. Yuki Ishikawa & Carlos Amano beat Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Kana – 22:28. Ishikawa beat Kana with a chicken wing.

Pretty much everyone on the show likes to kick people in the face, so I’m looking forward to the DVD. In the meantime though, there’s been a few stiff shots landed on Twitter between TAJIRI and the Shirai Sisters:

@TajiriBuzzsaw: Shirai sister. they are not bad, but undignified. heavy make up and tomboyish. Kodama [SMASH Wrestler] seems to have fallen in love with the younger sister.

@TajiriBuzzsaw: However, I’m interested in  mature women with heavy make up. However, she slapped me. I thought heavy make up was heavy make up. Arrogant impudence.

Followed by this Wall of Text repeating his main issue:

[厚化粧: Heavy Makeupatsugeshou] [と: and to ] [オキャンピー: Tomboy okyanpii]

Then the Triple Tails girls chimed in:

@shirai_io: What’s “okyanpii”? What does it mean? Is it a dead word?

@K_a_n_a_: It’s a dead word. Tajiri-chan is a grandpa. I bet he is still using “mabui” and “ikasu.” LOL. Note: Like everything else, words can go out of style in Japan.

@shirai_io: Just as I thought, it’s a dead word. Heisei era [1989 and up] people don’t know it. He’s a grandpa. And a shitty old man.

@shirai_io: That old man is becoming dim. Shitty TAJIRI.

Tajiri doesn’t seem to have let it go just yet, but he’s mostly repeating himself. Kana responded with something I’m not quite sure about, related to him being out of breath while he was posing in the match today, or maybe a more esoteric point about him being outdated in general. I think Io clearly took the 1st Round KO victory here.

I believe the crew will next run into each other at SMASH’s Osaka show 1/30. Before that SMASH will be hosting Serena Deeb in a double shot on 1/29 in Tokyo. Details here.



TAJIRI admitted to being infatuated with the Shirai Sisters. Io responded by dubbing him “TAjiichan” (Ta-Grandpa), and calling him a ‘pinche cabron,’ worthless asshole, in Spanish. TKO.

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