Ito Dojo Final Show – 2010-12-26


Ito Dojo put on their final show for a near sell-out at Shinjuku FACE. Thankfully no one felt the need to retire in order to up the gate, and some form of the association will continue.

The lineup was dreamy: Ayako Hamada, Manami Toyota, Takako Inoue, and Aja Kong are the wrestlers that got me into Joshi in the first place.

Shinjuku FACE

1. Manami Toyota & Sonoko Kato beat Ayako Hamada & Takako Inoue via Queen Bee to Inoue
2. Kaoru Ito vs Tomoko Watanabe
3. Ayako Sato beat Aki Kambayashi
4. Climax! the Final Battle of Ito Dojo 2 out of 3 Falls: Kaoru Ito, Ayako Hamada, Aki Kambayashi, & Ayako Sato beat Yumiko Hotta, Aja Kong, Tomoko Watanabe, & Cherry


Seeing Ayako Hamada back in her natural element was outstanding. Unlike some places she recently spent time not-wrestling at, she was truly appreciated by everyone. Her interactions with Toyota and Kong were especially poignant, as I think this was her first time in the ring with them since coming back. Unfortunately, there were no ‘F TNA’ chants. Maybe at the Wave show?


All of the matches were pretty good, with the opening and close just being great. Cherry is fast becoming the MVP of my trip, as about half-way through the Main Event she got very intense and just started growling really loudly for a couple minutes straight while beating down women and scoring one of the pinfalls.


I got to chat a little with Toyota during intermission. She even remembered me from her appearance at CHIKARA in New York, and said she hoped to come back next year. I talked to Hamada as well, and I don’t think American fans have seen the last of her just yet.

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