Japan Day Three: LLPW

I went to this LLPW show for two reasons: 1. Visual evidence that LLPW actually exists (it’s nearly impossible to get video of their shows) and 2. Takako Inoue. The matches were very short and inconsequential, but the price was “Pay whatever you want.” The venue was pretty small so we got to be very close to the action, and they gave us tiny water bottles as a Christmas present.

The show was being streamed live online, so Kandori and Inoue opened the show up by answering questions from a chat room. There was also a segment where kids were brought in the ring and taught a wristlock, as Inoue is starting a project to get more young people into wrestling (Takice Ribbon?). The highlight from the ~20 minutes of in ring action was seeing Cherry duck under the low lying club lights to safely hit her Swanton Bomb:

[nggallery id=5]


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  1. Looks great fun and all in the Christmas spirit. Like the way they worked with a small ring.
    I'm a newcomer to your Tweets and blogs and must say I'm impressed,
    Good pics. What camera and settings do you use? Surely they ain't taken by phone!


  2. Awesome site, John Hyperion! I'm liking Cherry's new gear — what are your thoughts? I fel badly for Ayumi and the injury that is keeping her out of so many great year-end events. I hope she is fit enough to make it to the final NEO event. Your photos and behind-the-scenes pieces are fantastic! keep up the great work! We jealous joshi fanatics Stateside are living vicariously through your trip! Cheers!


  3. What's this about a Japanese rock star leaving you star-struck? Details please! BTW did you hear anything about Yuu Yagamata retiring? It seemed like that might have happened, but I haven't read anything about it.
    Keep those flashbulbs popping! Your pics are great! I do remember how much better the ring lighting was in Joshi than in most US indy shows (just remembering the light installation fiasco that had SHIMMER fans waiting an extra hour prior to entering the Eagles Club on 9/11 — when I saw the lighting I thought, "All that wait for THIS?")


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