Japan Day One: Cherry Fantasy and New Japan X-Mas

I knew this trip would be epic when, 3 minutes into the first show, Kana was putting her heels into some guys chest. Cherry Fantasy Illusion show which featured that beat down, 3 forgettable cross dressers vs Joshi matches, and an amazing 60 minute Iron Man match between Cherry and Yuki Miyazaki. The match was really phenomenal as the women filled most of the time with intense mat work, but mixed it up with brawling that took them all over the venue, and outside it.

Highlights included Yuki diving off a vending mention to put Cherry through a table, attempts by both to drove over each other with a van, three straight double stomps from the apron by Yuki, and a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside. Cherry took the win 2-1 in the closing seconds. I saw one video camera during the main event so hopefully this makes it in full to the light of day, as it’s worth a watch by any Joshi fan.

[nggallery id=2]

I had planned on seeing JWP that night, unfortunately JWP actually ran during the day while I was at the Cherry show. Thankfully I bumped into Hailey Hatred and Aussie Daniel who hooked me up with a spare NJPW ticket. The show was pretty good, the best part being ‘Independent Genius’ Kota Ibushi taking flight all over the Hall. Enjoy the pictures. Hopefully I’ll have some from SMASH tomorrow to share. KANA vs Tajiri and SHURI vs Yoneyama look to be amazing. [nggallery id=3]

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