ACW 2nd Annual American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament Preview:

Sunday, June 27th, 2010 – 3pm
Hooligan’s, 13920 N I-35, Live Oak, TX

ACW is a glorious independent promotion run out of Texas that takes its Women’s Wrestling very seriously. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend two of their live shows, including the First Annual Queen of Queens Tournament held last year which saw Daizee Haze steal the crown from the nigh unstoppable Sara Del Rey. The show also featured an epic non-tourney match between then SHIMMER Champ MsChif and more mischievous than usual Nikki Roxx. I highly recommend the DVD to all fans of real women’s Professional Wrestling.

Now, as awesome as last year’s tournament was, this upcoming Sunday’s event looks to be even awesomerer. The level of talent has been elevated and the stakes have been raised as the ACW American Joshi Title, currently held by Rachel Summerlyn, will be defended throughout the night at Hooligan’s in Live Oak, TX (just outside of San Antonio). The first round of matches are as follows:

Portia Perez vs Daizee Haze

This is a rematch from the first round of last year’s tournament which Haze won decisively on her way to becoming the 1st QoQ Tournament winner. Later, however, it was Portia Perez that became the first American Joshi Champion. The fact that Perez will now have Ninja backup in the building might make her the favorite here to advance. After all, the Win-Loss record for the Canadian Ninjas this past year has been pretty staggering and the shenanigans they pulled to get those wins are actually legal in ACW.

MsChif vs Athena

Everyone knows, loves, and fears MsChif the former, dominant, SHIMMER Champion and current NWA Champion. Athena on the other hand is one of the best kept secrets in women’s wrestling. She’s immensely talented, athletic, charismatic, and nearly as much of a goddess as she claims to be. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what she can do against a veteran as established as MsChif.

Nicole Matthews vs Sara Del Rey

This first time ever match is easily the biggest of the first round. Death Rey is better than and in the past year Nicole has firmly established herself as one of Americanadia’s top female grapplers, capturing SHIMMER gold and decapitating fools left and right. The subtext here is that while Dangerous Rey takes many of her cues from Puroresu legend Kawada Toshiaki, Nicole “The Lariat” Matthews has a few similarities his rival Stan Hansen. When their male counterparts met it resulted in one of the most intense matches in wrestling history. Clearly one can expect similar sparks to fly here, especially if Nicole finds a bullrope.

Daffney vs Rachel Summerlyn (c) – ACW American Joshi Title Match

Daffney’s primary joys in life are her cat, corsets, and beating Rachel Summerlyn to a pulp. Rachel has sort of taken that personally. What you saw SHIMMER is just a taste of how brutal this, now nation wide, feud has been. I’m hoping Rachel finally aims for the head and puts down the Zombie Joshi, but I’m not sure what will be left of either for the second round.

And after all those great matches, there will still be 3 more featuring the best talent in North America. Will we see MsChif get a piece of redemption for her devastating loss to Portia and Nicole on SHIMMER Vol. 29? Will Del Rey and Summerlyn rekindle their feud and put on another mat classic? Will the finale feature a Canadian Ninja vs Canadian Ninja fight to the death?!

On top of the tournament action there’s Rachel’s bubbly better-half Jessica James challenging Mr. Robert Evans for ACW’s U-30 (Under 30) title. Lady Poison and her Gothtourage will be looking for more poison kiss victims in an 8 person tag, and there’s even one match with just two dude’s fighting each other….for people into that sort of thing.

This will be awesome and you should be excited to read the results I’ll be sending to, and anxiously anticipating the DVD release. But don’t take my hundreds of words for it, check out the awesome interview reel for it, featuring highlights from last year’s tournament, the Ninjas talking smack, and Death Rey kicking some dude in the head:

Sunday Afternoon, June 27th, 2010 Hooligan’s, 13920 N I-35, Live Oak, TX

Doors: 2:15pm
Pre-show Match: 2:30pm
Bell time: 3pm

$15 – Reserved Front Row
$10 – General Admission

Anarchy Championship Wrestling Main Site
Anarchy Televised: ACW Youtube Channel
ACW Twitter

Wrestling. YAY!

ACW – Perevans (Portia Perez and Robert Evans) vs Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team
ACW – Lady Poison vs Lillie Mae vs Rachel Summerlyn vs Nicole Matthews
ACW – Jessica James vs Athena
AJPW – Kawada Toshiaki vs Stan “The Lariat” Hansen

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